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If you not been in here before, you have missed the following guests that we have interviewed on “Fife & Drum Music” Chat :

  • Sue Cifaldi-- Fife & Drum Music author and assistant music archivist, The Company of Fifers & Drummers
  • Mark Logsdon-- Founder, 1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps.
  • Sarah & Jim MacConduibh-- Director of the Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes & Drums.
  • Dave Runner-- Principal musician National Regiment, Director of Rev. War and Civil War Corps.
  • Vinny Czipiel-- Civil War Troopers, Executive Committee member of the Company of Fifers & Drummers and Past Editor of the Ancient Times.
  • Patsy & Jim Ellis and Roger Hunnewell -- Cooperman Fife & Drum Company.
  • Malcolm Duncan--Director, Tippecanoe Ancient F&D
  • Tim Sutphin-- Director, Colonial Williamsburg F& D
  • Brian Pentony-- Drum Group Leader, The Old Guard
  • Javier Morales-- Yankee Tunesmiths
  • Bob Ginther-- Midnight Riders F&D
  • Gerald Wauldron-- Instructor and Director, Tittabawassee Valley Fife and Drum Corps,Michigan
  • Sgt. Elijah Walczyk--Oregon Fife & Drum Corps
  • Bill Brecht-- Lewis & Clark Fife & Drum Corps
  • Raoul Camus-- Arthur and musicologist
  • Steve, Di, Alizon & Mike Baretsky-- Towpath Volunteer Fife & Drum Corps
  • Joe Korber-- NYC Correction Pipe Band
  • Walter Rynkiewicz-- Germantown Ancients
  • Tim Cunningham--Camp Chase Fife & Drums
  • Major Richard Powell-- UK Military Music Historian
  • Tim Foultz--Red Dragon Music Den
  • Robin Niemitz, Warehouse Point F&D Corps
  • Cap Corduan, Connecticut Valley Field Music
  • Steve Niemitz, 8th Connecticut Regiment Fifes & Drums
  • Lee Millen, Ninth Texas Infantry
  • Hjordis Halvorson, The Newberry Library
  • Ken Barlow, Business Manager, The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps.
  • Marty Sampson, California Consolidated Drum Band
  • Denis Dragon, Fifres et Tambours de Nouvelle-France (Canada)
  • George Cartaris, George Carteris - Ancient Mariners & Chairman, Music Committee, Company of Fifers & Drummers
  • Tom Keser, Portland Ancient F&DC
  • Irene Sheades, former member CT Yanks, CT. Patriots, CT. Hurricanes D&B Corps and Judge for the CT Fifers & Drummers Association
  • Rusty Ayers, Rusty Ayers is a Bandsman with the Regimental Volunteer Band of Wisconsin.
  • Ted Wilson, Wilson Woods, Fife Maker, McDonagh Fifes
  • Mark Hoza, Maker of Kything Flutes and Fifes, Australia
  • Dirk McComsey, Director, Andrew Lewis Volunteer Fifes & Drums
  • Beth Wilson, Director, Yorktown Fifes & Drums
  • Mark Christman, Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie.
  • Patrick Murray, Moodus Fife & Drum Corps
  • Roger Beverage, 3rd Maine Volunteer Infantry Regimental Fife & Drum Corps.
  • Buz Olsen, Villiage Volunteers
  • Joe & Phyllis Gillotti, Black River
  • Gary Vorwald, Brigade of the American Revolution(BAR)
  • Jon Buzzi, Kentish Guard
  • Rich Alexander, Co-Founder Fyfes & Drums of Old Saratoga
  • Brian Pentony, Drum Group Leader, The Old Guard
  • Bob (Wardie) Ablondi

    What you have really missed was learning about their musical experiences, their corps’ activities, problems and successes. Most importantly, you missed communicating with them and your fellow fifers & drummers.

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