Melvin R. Doxin

On August 11, 1997, Monumental City FDC lost a snare drummer, a friend and mentor, Melvin R. Doxzon. He is survived by Grace, his wife of 53 years, son Louis and his wife Diane and grandson Stephen.

Mel was born on March 7, 1919 and began drumming in the Boys Brigade in Baltimore at the age of 17. In 1946, Mel joined the Maryland Dandy Fifth Fife and Drum Corps. His Drum Major at the time was Charles “Buck “ Soistman. In a trip to participate in a Governor’s Footguard Parade in Hartford, Connecticut, Mel and the Dandy Fifth encountered their first Ancient style Corps, Noah Webster FDC. Mel had always remarked “What a great experience it was to hear that style of music and to hear the thunder of those drums”. This encounter changed the style of fife and drumming in the Maryland area..

By 1950, the influence of what they heard resulted in the creation of the original Monumental City Ancient Fife & Drum Corps in Baltimore. Mel was one of the founding members of that corps and played an integral part in its success. He played snare drum with the Corps and was the first and only Drum Major of the original Monumental City.

During the years, Mel also served as a drummer for George Carroll’s CSA group and he was also very active in the Boumi Temple as a Past Master and also a drummer.

In addition to playing, Mel was also a master drum maker and painter. Many of the members of Monumental City are lucky enough to have drums made and painted by him. His artistry can even be found on some Soistman drums. He was specially recognized for his rendition of the Moeller eagle.

When Monumental City was reformed in 1992, Mel was one of the first sign-up. He again played snare and his donations of time and experience were of enormous assistance to the new Corps. He also brought with him the style and tradition of the original Corps. In 1996, Mel was one of the special honorees at Jaybird’s Day. He was a member of Monumental’s Executive Committee until his death.

We will all miss his spirit.

Charlie Terzi